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previous: WolfeMacleod Actually, on the Alnico 8's, it qui... -- 9/12/2002 8:22 PM View Thread

Re:Alnico 8--Quite the opposite!

9/12/2002 8:51 PM
Dr. Strangelove
Re:Alnico 8--Quite the opposite!
Thanks, good to know.  
What type of coil was it and _roughly_ how much wire did you need to put around it?  
A saleman said A8 was so hard and brittle that they didn't like working with it. On a 50 piece order, it got down to $8 ea. on humbucker-sized bars. Ouch and no thanks.  

WolfeMacleod These were strat coils mainly. The... -- 9/12/2002 9:21 PM