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Re: Wire tension, s'mores

9/10/2002 8:43 PM
Dr. Strangelove
Re: Wire tension, s'mores
WOlfe wrote:
"Nice find there. I just called them. The 30-40 runs around $252 with the spool holder attachement."
Glad I could help.  
What do you think of SK's wood lathe conversion into a pickup winder? I'm impressed as hell.  
I suspect he shortened the bed on this one:  
Harbor Freight's $139 wood lathe looked promising but it didn't have enough variable speed range.  
I believe that both wood lathes have a standard 3/4" by 16 threads/inch shaft. This means you can fit a standard lathe faceplate on it if you don't want to cut & true up your own hardboard faceplate. Sears Craftsman has a 4" diameter faceplate for $20 (search on "lathe faceplate" at  

WolfeMacleod yea I was looking for the links to ... -- 9/10/2002 9:58 PM