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Magnet vendor links

9/10/2002 7:06 PM
Dr. Strangelove
Magnet vendor links
Several dozen USA links to magnet vendors:  
Worldwide links:  
Dexter Magnetics sells Alnico 5 bars good for humbucking pickups.  
Their bar #9744 is sized .125" x .500" x 2.50" and is magnetized across the .500" width. Prices start at $8 each in small quantity with the minimum order of $50, although you may be able to talk the salesman down some if you are up front about your experimental purposes and small order.  
MagnetSource sells Alnico 5 rod 3/16" dia. x 5/8" (.187" x .625") for $0.83 each with a $30 minimum. That's 37 pole pieces or just over six strat pickups. You must download their .pdf catalog to find the phone number and part descriptions.