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previous: SK Re: Compiling pickup specs data -- 9/9/2002 3:47 PM View Thread


9/9/2002 4:33 PM
Dr. Strangelove
SK wrote:
"I don't work with 44 often, but that low a winding count doesn't seem like it would give those readings.... I'd have to check..."
Dang! My error! Big friggin' OOPS!  
Substitute "FEET" for winds on that 2800 figure. Depending on the bobbin, the number of winds could range 2-3 times the actual footage. 5600 - 8400 winds sounds a lot more realistic than 2800.  
As a sanity check, #42 single build wire would need about 4500 feet to hit Rickenbacker's 7.4k mark.