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Re: Compiling pickup specs data

9/9/2002 4:16 PM
Dr. Strangelove
Re: Compiling pickup specs data
SK wrote:
"FWIW, alnico3 is actually weaker than alnico2.[/QUOTE]Yah, it also has lower coercivity, a trait that affects the dynamic range more than anything else.[QUOTE]Larger, alnico2 poles which are still weaker than smaller alnico5 would not give it usable strength (no increase comparatively)"
Sorry to be unclear. Intended meaning:  
For a given alloy, a bigger magnet means a stronger pull. Even so, the Ric Toaster magnets pull less than smaller generic A5 rods. This suggests they are Alnico II rods, the only other alloy besides A5 that saw major use in pickups, despite infrequent use of Alnico's 3, 6, 5/7, 7, 8, and 9.