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Re: Compiling pickup specs data

9/9/2002 3:32 PM
Dr. Strangelove
Re: Compiling pickup specs data
Anecdotal stuff here.  
** TELE pickups:  
The early "No-caster" guitar pickups were rumored to use Alnico III magnets, odd critturs that sound softer (more compressed) than Alnico II. Good thing for a Tele, IMO.  
** Rickenbacker pickups:  
Spec'ing the Rickenbacker Toaster(tm) pickup, a single coil, is a problem cuz they've varied a lot in the last 40 years.  
Good Ric pup history at: <>  
*!Warning!* Rickenbacker vigorously defends all its trademarks, and where pickups are concerned, "Toaster(tm)" is one of them. Don't waste time cloning a Ric pup -- all you need to do is make a better one. Don't ask me what I think of Rickenbacker, either.  
Toaster(tm) Reissues get sold as 7.4k devices. Rickenbacker CEO Mike Hall claims that since the 60's, Rickenbacker never used any wire gauge but #44. The arithmetic sez that a 7.4k pup would have ~2800 winds on it.  
The one I bought measured 6.83k suggesting ~2600 winds. Instead of the expected 3/16" dia. x 5/8" pole pieces, it has big 1/4" dia by 3/4" long rods. Since they don't pull as strongly as a smaller Alnico 5 rod, I believe they are most likely cast Alnico II.  
The small winds count would make for a bright, clean, low output pickup, but the bigger Alnico slugs give it a useful signal level.  

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