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Bobbins for blades

9/4/2002 8:04 PM
Dr. Strangelove
Bobbins for blades
Being lazier than average, I don't enjoy making my own bobbins for blade pickups.  
Is there a better way to make the bobbin flats than to drill two holes and route a straight groove between them?  
Being only slightly foolhardy, I think using a drill press like a pin router is outright dangerous but I haven't lost any fleshy bits. Not yet.  
Does anyone know where to buy plastic bobbins for blade pickups? The usual suspects (Allparts, Stewmac) don't have them.  

Mark Hammer There is a white plastic channeling... -- 9/5/2002 8:20 PM
R.G. Why wouldn't you pour a thin layer ... -- 9/13/2002 6:22 PM