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Re: What happens when specs elude you

9/3/2002 7:51 PM
Dr. Strangelove
Re: What happens when specs elude you
Mark wrote:
"In the absence of specs to tell you what the picture doesn't, the manufacturer has to resort to hyperbole and points of reference that don't invite lawsuits from competitors."
Without specs or an incentive to publish them, the big pickup makers can resort to whatever hyperbole they want.  
Buyers are partly to blame, too. Advertising directors discovered that they had to punch the "vintage" hot button if they wanted to sell anything to guitarists. Try and sell a pickup on its own merits? To a guitarist? Specs and artistic natures tend to exclude each other.  
A pickup's frequency response curve would help. Since you can induce a signal in a pickup, you can test them for impulse response and assorted distortion modes as well. This would let you _completely_ characterize a pickup's spectral & dynamic behavior.  
Would this information sell pickups? Heh. Not without a lot of interpretation from the guitar magazines. Few people are interested in viewing pickups from an audiophile vantage.  
Given reasonable interpretations of pickup specs, would consumers buy smarter? Some would. Would guitar builders buy smarter? I hope so. They'd know ahead of time not to put a bright, dynamic, slightly microphonic pickup in a maple neck-through guitar.  

Mark Hammer I'll tell you what WOULD help is th... -- 9/4/2002 4:18 PM