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previous: Anonymous How many of you are going to hell? -- 10/6/2003 11:36 PM View Thread

Going to hell? one ticket for the next bus please

10/7/2003 1:23 AM
Been There Done ThatGoing to hell? one ticket for the next bus please
These are all man made concepts.  
I really think that there are few natural things that are in existence with only two states. A CD code comes to mind as a binary device, again man-made.  
Reality (that I see) is shades of grey, ambiguity, dusk, and moderations of the extremes.  
Based stricly on the theoretical probabilities....  
There are probably a lot of people named Anonymous in Hell. I mean can you fathom a Heaven with 144,000 persons, all answering to Anonymous?  
and lastly Anonymous.. your self description is somewhere in between an actual individual and everyone. So I ask, How Can You Be In Two Places, When You Aren't Anywhere At All?  
Besides, Been there done that, next trip?