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Re: Balls

8/22/2003 10:49 PM
Dale "Dutch" Van Zile
Re: Balls
[QUOTE]Kucinich Donor List "Like Hollywood Guest List."  
Now that instilled confidence in me! Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are my political heroes.  
I'm not sure how out of context this one was. Hollywood is a breeding ground for extreme liberalism. Preached to the American public by folks who just don't understand what paycheck-to-paycheck means. A sorry rallying point for a presidential candidate if you ask me. But I guess that appeals to the "Extra" hollywood news show mentality.[/QUOTE]  
Well, I, for one, would be more inclined to listen to what someone who has the courage not to hide anonymously behind an internet "handle" than someone who cannot find that courage and launches personal attacks rather than supplying valid, civil, polite support for his/her point.  
I am an educated, middle-of-the-road, free-thinking person who happens to be living paycheck-to-paycheck with no job security or health insurance, thanks to the Republicans' "big-business-run-amok" recycled-Reaganomics ruining our economy, with no regulations and accountability to keep them honest, no attention paid by them to rebuilding the economy and improving the lives of Americans at home rather than mucking about overseas under fabricated pretexts to ensure greater profits for the oil companies that backed Dubya's junta, and no light at the end of the underemployed, working-poor tunnel. (side note--Guten Tag to anyone who made it through that sentence alive.... :)) I live in a mostly Republican right-to-work state, which, BTW, is the only state in the Union that does not yet have anti-price-gouging laws to protect its citizens. The (mostly Republican) business-owners must love it.... Wages here have not even come close to keeping up with the increased cost of living over the past decade, and thanks to the right-to-work laws, many workers have to just sit here and take it (unless they're willing to lose everything they own to get out) while they slip backwards into poverty and their employers get richer. Unions would never have gotten started if not for the workers' need to protect themselves from greedy employers. The fact that Union fatcats soon thereafter began milking the situation to their advantage at the expense of both sides is still further proof that human nature is such that unless one feels one is being watched and WILL BE CAUGHT, one WILL NOT BEHAVE in a decent manner toward others and WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF the weak/poor/less-knowledgable if not regulated by an outside force. This includes many "Good Christians", because guess who's watching them? God is their crutch, their watchdog; St. Peter is their snitch. Everyone needs one to make them behave nicely, and many don't in spite of it all. This is why we need regulations!  
"Education reform needs to come from parents, and parents who view school as free daycare are not going to have kids that do well. But that's my uneducated take."
Well, with the economic situation the way it is, how are the parents supposed to educate their children? Wake up and smell the reality! Most families have had to have two incomes to afford to live indoors these past few decades. Were it not for the public school system, most of our children would have no education whatsoever and might actually believe some of the ridiculous ideas and opinions you've been presenting here as facts. Yes, I agree, the current state of public education is sad. The fact is that the public education system is management-heavy and the people actually doing the teaching earn substandard wages. It is yet another symptom of the currently popular method of running businesses/organizations. "Throw more middle-management at it" seems to be the current modus operandus, in spite of the fact that managers do not produce anything but instead leech away money that could be distributed to the workers, make them happier, healthier, and more inclined not to toss a spanner in the works when they think they can get away with it. FWIW, I spent the entirety of the economic boom of the previous administration's tenure working (and borrowing) my way through college while supporting my son (with no help from his deadbeat mother but some from the ex-wife and current fiancee), while Bubba was getting his knob polished. I would have failed to finish school due to poverty if I'd started it under the current administration, so Bubba and crew must have been doing something right. If he hadn't wagged his fat little finger at us all and lied about it, I wouldn't have had a problem with the situation. Take a long hard look at Hillary--can you blame him?  
So, can you explain to me why I should believe the bullshit rhetoric spewed from the elephant's mouth any more than the bullshit rhetoric spewed from the donkey's mouth?  
Let's go to D.C and fire 'em all, brand them with a special mark on their foreheads that identifies them as someone whom it will, from this point forward, be a felony crime to employ at more than double the minimum wage, sieze and redistribute their wealth amongst the residents of their districts, and let the people who replace them put some new ideas into play, so we can all move forward!  
Your friendly neighborhood middle-of-the-road extremist :D,  
Dale "Dutch" Van Zile

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