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Re: War Death Count Reaches Major Milestone

8/4/2003 1:11 AM
AlChemIstRe: War Death Count Reaches Major Milestone
What do you think of the view that it's better for Saddam to be killed because he could reveal compromising info about U.S. involvement/support of his ascendancy/regime?  
He should be taken alive, if possible. I think what the Iraqi's would do to him would make Qusay and Uday's demise look like a day at Disneyland.  
Actually, if he's caught, I think Saddam should just be reduced to living as a beggar on the streets of Baghdad (sorry, my bleeding heart past has caught up to me).  
So maybe the U.S./C.I.A. made mistakes in how they handled things.  
That's an understatement. Hopefully they will lean something from their screw-ups. I would also think, there are things that they have done that have helped us (the western world) in ways that we will never know (or maybe that is just my American citizen blind faith).