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Re: War Death Count Reaches Major Milestone

8/1/2003 4:13 PM
AlChemIstRe: War Death Count Reaches Major Milestone
Wasn't it that the CIA, the USA as a spearpoint, then of course several European countries too, were even all too eager to help him to achieve this?  
Wasn't it that he was the great man and a support for USA interest during the Iraq - Iran war?
I don't think our hands are totaly clean for his atrocities, he was given a limited amount of support from us (the "The enemy of our eneny(iran) is our friend" mentality), but as the extent of the knowledge of Saddams actions is up to debate, and certainly a large number of deaths occured even after the US stopped supporting him (althoug other countries still supported him till the end).

Dai Hirokawa What do you think of the view that ... -- 8/1/2003 4:58 PM