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Re: War Death Count Reaches Major Milestone

7/31/2003 10:10 PM
Re: War Death Count Reaches Major Milestone
re.: civilian deaths under Saddams regime.  
Wasn't it that the CIA, the USA as a spearpoint, then of course several European countries too, were even all too eager to help him to achieve this?  
Wasn't it that he was the great man and a support for USA interest during the Iraq - Iran war?  
Haven't we see a similar thing in Chili going on with Pinochet! Who is now considered to be a criminal? Didn't have the CIA and USA interests some involvements with that?  
Now we are talking oil, then it was copper. If my memory serves me wel.  
Nothing personal, mind me but somehow it seems to me that your reasoning is hypochrite. You shouldn't talk about it now, your administration should have moved some 20 years ago

AlChemIst Wasn't it that the CIA, the USA ... -- 8/1/2003 4:13 PM