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previous: The Happy Socialist Yes, the problem of poverty has bee... -- 7/25/2003 5:16 PM View Thread


7/25/2003 8:10 PM
Yes, the problem of poverty has been solved in another manner as well. Get a rich millionaire daddy (the government) and have him give you his money (welfare, frivolous lawsuits, theft). Never mind that you never worked for it.  
No, no, that's still part of the problem!!  
Moral of the story is: Beware of Capitalists who preach hard work. Many of them never saw a hard day's work in their life.  
True, not all the wealthy have worked for where they are, but a lot of the poor haven't worked for where they are either.  
Mill some flour, pick some berries, and bake a pie if you want a piece of it, don't expect anyone to give you one.