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Re: War Death Count Reaches Major Milestone

7/24/2003 10:02 PM
AlChemIstRe: War Death Count Reaches Major Milestone
UNICEF conservatively estimated that UN(US) sanctions have killed more than 500,000 Iraqi's. Care to talk about that? The UN/US had the power to send in weapons inspectors and also had the power to sent in aid workers who could make sure the civilian population was helped and funds weren't used for Saddam's gain. Why didn't they do that? Iraqi's opinion of the US would have been alot better,perhaps even to the point of an uprising against Saddam.  
So what were the sanctions for? Oh yeah, for not complying with the UN mandates. So the deaths were really caused by Saddam not comlying, since he could have easily complied (remember, he supposedly didn't even have any wmd's).  
So why didn't he comply? Hyper-macho psuedo islam pride? So he lived well, while 500,000 died. OK, it's all the US fault, right?  
He controlled a country that can pump money out of the ground and has reasonably well educated polulation. He could have made it so he lived well, and the rest of the Iraqi citizens could have had a reasonably well standard of living too, if he chose. But he didn't, so they don't. Oh, I see, this is the USA's fault too.  
And based on what I know (which is not much, I admit), it looks as if there wasn't going to be an uprising anytime soon, sanctions or not.  
So if lose my job because I'm in jail for breaking the law, and my family starves now because of this, whose fault is it? the state for having laws? The police for enforcing the laws? My former employer for laying me off because I can't work? Oh, must be the USA's fault, right?