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Re: The Fat socialists and his jealous girlfriend

7/24/2003 4:13 PM
Terri Towel
Re: The Fat socialists and his jealous girlfriend
Todd- kudos on excellent points & quotes.  
Dr.kT88- you're right on the money (pardon the pun) vis-a-vis founding fathers ideas vs. modern democracy. The founding fathers overall concept had at its very core a moral foundation which tempered 'absolute' freedom; they used the general Christian precepts, e.g. don't kill, steal, etc. which are actually non-denomonational good decent person characteristics. We have clearly allowed this tobe incrementally eroded by people of all political persuasions who have promised incrementally more security in exchange for less and less freedom to the point where our Gov't resembles the British one we had to fight an armed violent revolution to get away from. We have come full circle; the Gov't is so arrogant and top-down dictatorial that we're approaching a police state.  
I don't want a religious Gov't of any sort but there has to be some form of morality and respect for other's freedoms for the whole thing to work. The free market system can only work when Gov't leaves it alone enough so that the consequences of good intentions gone awry don't create more problems than they attemp to solve. Look at any partially or wholly regulated industry and follow the money trail. Invariably the chaos is due to Gov't trying to 'level the playing field' or otherwise imposing controls which cause another disparity somewhere else. Authoritatian socialism which ignores the inherent competitiveness of man and his natural yearning for freedom will ALWAYS fail. Why leftists try so hard to ignore these basic human traits is incomprehensible. Clearly their real goal of more and more personal and institutional power is what drives them; the actual welfare of the downtrodden people they claim to champion is last on the list. Since the Great Society/War on Poverty that the Democrats/leftists have championed around 40 years ago, the gov't has transferred around 4 trillion dollars to programs of every stripe and the poverty rate has only changed a couple tenths of a percent. But a huge class of unionized leftist gov't workers has been created, so hey ! wasn't all for naught, eh ?  
The truly poor are as bad off as ever yet they still vote for the leftists which demonstrates the effectiveness of the largely leftist media at the class warfare game. That as many people voted for the previous Democratic candidate for president is further proof of our educational system's failure to teach basic history and the concepts of citizenship and freedom and the quality of life possible from practicing same. AT this point in our representative republic, merely voting in conservative thinkers is too little too late. Getting people who value real freedom teaching in schools and universities should be the primary focus. I hope they built enough extra rooms down in Guantanamo for the job !  
Lest you think I approve of what the Republicans have become, rest assured there's plenty of bullets for them too. There's few elected officials of ANY stripe who know what the Constitution even describes ! We really need to clean house in a big way.  
The Last Patriot,  

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