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Re: The Fat socialists and his jealous girlfriend

7/24/2003 2:56 PM
Todd HeplerRe: The Fat socialists and his jealous girlfriend
America is not a democracy, it is a republic.  
Democracy, as I understand it, is a system of government that requires a vote from the populace on every decision.  
A Republic is one in which the populace elects representatives to do the decision-making.  
At least those are my humble, uneducated takes on the difference.  
The link you provided read like a grocery list of extreme liberal bullet points.  
I liked  
"Growth in the private economy has had a declining role in reducing poverty, and virtually all of the reduction in poverty since the mid-1960s has been brought about by the expansion of national social insurance and income-transfer programs of the kind now under attack by the Bush administration.  
Reminds me alot of  
" From each, according to  
his ability; to each, according to his need." - Karl Marx, that great democratic thinker.  
Here's a funny story about what the Democratic tactics will be in California in the upcoming election year:  
And Finally :  
"Comrades! We must abolish the cult of the individual decisively, once and for all." (Nikita Khrushchev , February 25, 1956 20th Congress of the Communist Party)  
"All our lives we fought against exalting the individual, against the elevation of the single person, and long ago we were over and done with the business of a hero, and here it comes up again: the glorification of one personality. This is not good at all." (Vladimir Lenin, as quoted in "Not by Politics Alone.)  
We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society." (Hillary Clinton, 1993)  
"We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans ..." (President Bill Clinton, USA Today, March 11, 1993, Page 2A)  
Do Not stop listening to Rush Limbaugh! There needs to be a voter revolution in this country. It is not our place to create a nation of 'no worries', a nation where even the laziest of us is guaranteed a good job, 22" rims on his SUV, and free healthcare. You want all of those things? Work your ass off for 'em.  
-Todd, Anti-Social(ist)

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