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Re: Update: Sai Baba

7/18/2003 3:04 AM
John Fisher
Re: Update: Sai Baba
[QUOTE]I once heard there is a saying in Brazil that goes "Brazil is 99% Christian but 100% VooDoo."  
Any truth to that?  
Is it possible to worship God and the Devil at the same time?[/QUOTE]  
That is a hard question to give a general answer to.  
I have lived in Brazil myself and I have lived in other South American countries extensivly and I have seen a lot of strange things and a lot of mixed beliefs. There are lots of people that have turned Christian to an extent but then have some hangovers from former traditions and beliefs and pagan superstitions. There are many who are oppressed by different spirits but not necessarily possesed by them. Even I can be opressed by a bad spirit like Jealousy or anger if I let some bad influences get to me but it doesn't mean I'm possesed by the devil.  
Whatever you put first in your life is your God or what you worship. There are many in all cultures of the world who worship materializm as a God. They work their whole life to selfishly built up riches that they trust in that they won't be able to take with them when they die. Is that any different then Devil worship?  
John Fisher