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Re: Dixie Chicks Pose Nude

4/25/2003 7:03 AM
Re: Dixie Chicks Pose Nude
Mark, you blew the Mason-Dixon thing.  
While it is popular to call it the dividing line between the north and the south, it really is not. It is the dividing line between Maryland and Pennsylvania, nothing more. It is just south of the 40th parallel. If you look at the US map, the northern border of Missouri is closer to it than the southern. The southern border of MO is about the same as the southern borders of VA and KY.  
MAryland did not secede from the Union. It may have favored doing so, but it didn't. I grew up there, and we understand the M-D line, but as I travel the country I find no one else seems to. So is Maryland a part of Dixie? They still argue about it today.

Ross M. I was taught in history class that ... -- 4/27/2003 6:46 PM