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Re: Jimmy Page's stage Marshalls

3/24/2004 3:59 AM
Bradster2kRe: Jimmy Page's stage Marshalls
I agree about the Supro, it's unlikely it was the Thunderbolt model as he (JP) said often in interviews that it was the "small" Supro he used. Many believe it was the Model S-6424 but the schematic S-6424 shows a Push-Pull 6973 output feeding a 12" speaker.  
I have 2 pics of the Supro amp that most closely fits descriptions, but don't have a place to post them on the web, sorry.  
(also have a great copy of the S-6424 schematic)  
Regarding the Marshalls, Jimmy Page has said many times in interviews that he used the 1959SLP models which are 100w (4xEL34) amps, but he had his re-fitted in the early 70's with KT88's.  
This is interesting because there are some really old pictures of him playing on what looks like a Marshall Major, maybe he aquired a taste for the high voltage KT88 sound early on.  


some Jimmy Page equipment trivia...  

(JP) " 14 I got a 'Grazzioso' copy of a stratocaster...".  
1968 used a '58 Fender Telecaster given to him by Jeff Beck  
(JP) "...I used the small Supro and Telecaster on all of the first album...".  
1969 he found the '58 Les Paul & 100w Marshall combination doing studio sessions for LZ-2 album, and stayed with that for the duration of the band.  
He also used a Gibson Les Paul "Black Beauty" 3-pickup model with a Bigsby tremolo before and during the first album era, the guitar was stolen in 1970 while on tour.  
(can be seen on the new DVD)  

from the "Song Remains The Same" era...
  • Marshall 100w 1959SLP  
    "...with KT88 output tubes fitted for a 'crisper' sound..." (JP)  
  • #1 1959 Les Paul Standard Cherry Sunburst back of neck shaved  
    (pre-60's LP's had fat round-back necks)  
  • #2 1958 Les Paul Standard Cherry Sunburst  
    (purchased from Joe Walsh)  
  • Gibson EDS-1275 Wine Red doubleneck 6/12 string, early type with the long headstock.  
  • Danelectro (made from 2 individual broken guitars) had a Leo Quan "Badass" bridge  
  • 1971 Martin D28 he used on stage, and albums after LZ-4  
    (had a Barcus-Berry contact pickup duct-taped to the face of the guitar right near the treble side of the bridge)  
  • Roger Mayer "Tone Bender"  
    (very similar to the Fuzzface w/germanium transistors, but had treble boost)  
  • Vox Cry Baby  
  • Maestro Echoplex  
  • Orange Amp  
    (he says the Theramin was plugged into it, and used it on "Whole Lotta Love" live)  
  • Violin Bow  
  • Herco-75 picks  
  • Ernie Ball Super Slinky's (.009 - .042)  
  • Ernie Ball "Earthwoods" on the acoutic guitars  

Hanko The Jimmy Page amp was not a Thunde... -- 3/24/2004 7:52 PM