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Re: Any recommendations for music downloading sites?

3/1/2004 6:34 AM
Steve A.
Re: Any recommendations for music downloading sites?
    I had found a free Russian site last summer with lots of albums in MP3 format but when I just checked now I see that you need to register. :( And some of the links take you to a Russian site that charges money for download:  
    As for Little Feat I had picked up all of their albums when Tower Records was selling them on sale for $7.99 each, but there is a really nice collection on a 1993 German import called "As Time Goes By - The Very Best of Little Feat" [Warner Brothers 9548-32247-2].  
    So why doesn't WB release it in the US??? The record companies complain about illegal downloads but one solution would be to put records in the stores that we really want to buy!  
    "Waiting for Columbus" has live versions of many of their songs and that is available here.  
Steve Ahola

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