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Re: anyone here playing trumpet?

2/7/2004 10:11 PM
AlChemIstRe: anyone here playing trumpet?
As a trumpet player (who hasn't played in years), the guitar is 100 X easier than the trumpet. I suppose it depends on a persons natural dexterity, but for me, improvisation is difficult in terms of changing keys. For guitar, if you want to improvise a "lick" in a key a half step down from where you normaly play, for instance, you just play the same fingerings, just 1 fret lower. To do the same on a trumpet would be a totally different fingering pattern, and some of the fingerings might not feel too natural, comparerd to the key you are used to.  
I think in learning the trumpet, some keys are easier than others, so you tend to be more proficient in some keys than others. For guitar, this is virtually non-existant (other than when you are near the nut, or all the way up the fretboard).  
If I were to do it all over again, I would play the sax instead!  
Or, I would not learn it in the conventional way, and just play things by ear, no matter what the key, to become proficient in all the keys. I think when you lean conventionally, you play too much in a few "easy" keys, and develop your finger memory before learning the other keys.  
Don't let this scare you, the basics are quite easy. Now I haven't even gotten into embouchure (which depends on the strength of your muscles around your mouth, which take years of regular practice to develop well)...

Stefaan Van Slycken thanks for the info, I know I easil... -- 2/9/2004 10:27 PM