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anyone playing both piano and guitar?

12/17/2003 10:12 AM
Kursad Kanyone playing both piano and guitar?
I've been trying to play electric guitar since a few years without much accomplishment. I havent been able to do much other than trying to play that cool solo in the beginning/middle of a song, and repeating the pentatonic scale a thousand times, and... eventually I have quit, and switched to another instument(piano), and within a few *months* I've made more progress than I could do with guitar in *years*. At least at long last I can play complete tunes, not just short solos. Perhaps that shouldn't be surprizing because unlike guitar piano is self-adequate (does not need accompaniment), and you can easily find precise notation of what you'll play instead of incomplete tabs and/or chords over lyrics and know exactly what to do instead of trying to figure out how to play a poorly notated (if at all) tune? What do you think?  

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