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Conspiracy theory

12/8/2003 8:51 AM
Steve A.
Conspiracy theory
But the main problem with the conspiracies is that the world monitored our progress. Not just our big radio antennas were trained on these missions, but also those of the SOviet Union, not to mention the British and many amateurs around the world. It is not difficult to determine a signal is not coming from the moon. If we had faked the moon landing, the Russians surely would have detected this, and don't think for a minute they would have kept it to themselves.  
    I agree with you that a ship did go to the moon, but are we sure that it was manned? What if the footage was shot here on Earth (as the conspiracy nuts suggest), but broadcast from an unmanned ship on the moon... That would account for most of the issues you brought up.  
Steve Ahola

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