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Re: Problem is not IE???

12/2/2003 1:16 AM
Peter SnowRe: Problem is not IE???
If you are really intent on re-installing your Win98 software, here are the necessary steps, based on a Win98SE install. This is an overview, if you are unsure on how to accomplish any of the steps, re-post and I'll attempt to flesh it out. Before you start, make sure you have a copy of the motherboard manufacturer's manual handy.  
1) Backup all DATA that you do not want destroyed incl. all install programs, drivers, bug fixes, etc, you have downloaded from the internet. If you have two hard drives, you can copy stuff to the second drive that you will NOT wipe off, then disconnect it so it does not get formatted accidently. Alternatively burn the data to a CD.  
2) Prepare a Win98 "Startup" disk - it will contain all the utilities you need including CDROM drivers. (Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs->Startup Disk. Need blank floppy).  
3) Reboot to command line with startup floppy.  
4) Run FDISK and re-partition your main Win drive - usually C: (select FAT32). Careful, FDISK is destructive!  
5) Re-boot with floppy and start command line with CD ROM drivers loaded.  
6) From floppy, run FORMAT C: /s  
7) When done, put Win98 install CD in drive and run "setup". Run through the entire installation procedure till you have a vanilla copy of Win98 running.  
8) Customize to taste and re-install all programs.  
9) Copy back all required data previously saved to CD or other drive.  
I'm sure others will chime in if I have left out anything important.  
Good luck.  

giustd ok boys, I lobotimized my PC and re... -- 12/2/2003 6:17 PM