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Re: lol kg.. "rape"

11/10/2003 7:28 AM
Re: lol kg.. "rape"
Okies have no monopoly on the hick thing. Here in Michigan - which seems pretty rural itself compared to my Washington DC background, we are more likely to poke fun at Kentucky or ALabama. But any state without a city someone in Europe could name is fair game. We love that joke: If a young Kentucky couple get divorced, are they still legally brother and sister? Har.  
Oh, the Okies are still hicks, of course, but so are everyone else. Them are the facts. (By the way, in trailer-talk "them are" is acceptable.)  
New York has plenty of rural areas, but no one ever stereotypes NY for that since NYC dominates the images - unless you live outside Albany. NY is nothing but guys saying, "dese, dem, doze." They are all from Brooklyn and greasy.  
ANd NJ, everyone thinks it is some industrial armpit full of refineries. And it is, right up at the northern end, but NJ is called the Garden State because a great deal of it is farm land. Drive east from Philadelphia towards the sea. You drive through huge multi acre fields of eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes, and loads of melons. I spent a summer playing on the Jersey shore and in Phila, but we lived in a little crossroads town out in south Jersey. One Hundred yards away was a Mrs. Paul's Onion Ring factory. They took local onions and made the rings, 24 hours a day. The aroma wafted over us all the time. But outside NJ, no one thinks of that picture. Right in the middle of NJ is a large - by eastern standards - wilderness called the Pine Barrens. EVer heard of it?  
Wyoming. We often wonder aloud, does anyone actually live there, or is it just a place to hike through.  
FLorida is nothing but retired people from New York. I bet that is news to Gloria Estefan.  
Who knows what goes on in SOuth Carolina? Maybe they will write and tell us once they learn how.  
I leave out new England. Massachussetts, COnnecticut, and the two small ones at the top I can never remember which is which - is VErmont the one on the left? Those Boston guys are not hicks for sure. DOn't know what they are, but not hicks. They have yet to figure out how to drive a car, but they are sophisticated. Think CHeers, Ted Williams. The Republicans can pick on Ted Kennedy. He is no Jesse Helms, but he is easy to pick on.  
Oregon, lets see, that is where all the hippies went to make candles and leather goods. God knows what their kids are doing.  
Indiana - Hoosiers. What does that mean? THEY don't even know. I am pretty sure they are all hicks.  
Kansas - it is one big cornfield with one perfectly straight road crossing it with nowhere to stop. Or was that Nebraska?  
Michigan? I have no idea what image that conjurs up for you. I bet it is wrong, but who cares. We got southeast Mich with Detroit and a lot of auto plants - union guys who vote Democrat. But west Mich is hard core ultra-conservative, Amway money, straight party REpublicans. We are an agricultural power house Apples, cherries, sugar beets. Beans - both soy and edible. Blueberries too. Michigan potatoes are excellent, very much like Maine potatoes. Who thinks of Mich as farmers? Tourism is big, God only knows why. One thing we have a lot of is northern rednecks - trailer parks galore. ANd we have oodles of right wing militia type whackos. One of the guys involved in your Oklahoma CIty bombing is from Michigan. So you tell me what stereotype comes to mind for us. What must I be like I wonder. I sure am no pole up the ass conservitive asshole, and I sure as hell don't build cars and join unions. I have a shotgun somewhere, but haven't fired it in years - no more cinderblocks left to kill in my yard. But I am a Michigander for sure, I wonder what that makes me.  
So while you are out there herding your cattle between the oil wells to get them out of the cotton fields, don't think the stereotypes all fall on your shoulders. After all if the Cowboy Hall of Fame is not a big city deal, I don't know what is. Hell, lots of big city folk are from Oklahoma. Urbanites like Hopalong Cassidy amd Gene AUtry, Reba McEntire, Will Rogers, uh, and Geronimo and Woodie Guthrie, and Mickey Mantle, Garth Brooks and Johnny Bench, Hey I'm serious, I'll find someone. Lon Chaney. No, even better, Walter Cronkite. There y'go, Walter Cronkite is an Okie - he's a big city type.  
Stereotypes are for fun, you don't have to believe them.

Dutch [QUOTE]Them are the facts. (By the... -- 11/10/2003 8:18 PM
Ross M. LOL Enzo, thanks for that. I don't ... -- 11/11/2003 3:04 AM