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lol kg.. "rape"

11/9/2003 10:28 AM
Ross M.
lol kg.. "rape"
I was listening to this song called rape at this page in Ken's site.. one lyric made me laugh, even though it was a serious song. "Does it make any sense that a priest gets away with a crime like this and gets banished to some obscure parish somewhere in Oklahoma never to be heard from again?"  
Back in my hometown there was once a preacher who moved in from California and at first everyone loved the guy. He had several youth groups going, all kinds of field trips to get them out of this tiny town, then about four months after he started he was arrested in Tulsa for solicitating male prostitution. Go figure...  
Some townpeople almost burned his house down.  
Still, why the hell does Oklahoma get picked on as the little country hick state? There are rednecks, but there are also big city people and educated people, just like any other southern state.

TF I think you answered your own quest... -- 11/9/2003 4:28 PM
Enzo Okies have no monopoly on the hick ... -- 11/10/2003 7:28 AM