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Re: What is "mostly original"?

10/29/2003 10:11 PM
SteviePRe: What is "mostly original"?
Sears sold Silvertone gear out of their catalog.  
Much of the Silvertone line was made by Danelectro.  
Supro, Valco and National have a similar pedigree as I recall.  
When I was a kid, we used to point and laugh at guys you used Silvertone gear.  
Today, both Silvertone and Danelectro gear command decent coin in the vintage market place. I'm not sure that I could every be inclined to spend $300 for a Sivertone head of any ..... vintage.  
I can't forget that kid who came down in the basement to try out for our band. He played better than anyone else, but he had that darn Silvertone amp and that goofy blue Beltone guitar with the round wound strings. We punted his ass fast.  
I think vintage has a lot to do with nostalgia - it depends on your frame of reference.  

StevieP ... I mean flat wound of course ...... -- 10/30/2003 4:04 PM