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Re: What is "mostly original"?

10/26/2003 6:33 PM
PeterRe: What is "mostly original"?
Well, I guess the "value" is whatever somebody is willing to pay. I find it astonishing that people pay US$800 for a nice vintage Fender Champ. The only argument for such prices might be rarity, but at any given moment there's several of them on ebay, so they ain't that rare. By comparison, I have an early 60's Supro that's louder, and sounds better, AND IT'S MORE RARE, but it's "worth" a much more realistic $100-$200.

ChrisM Remember, collectabilty is based on... -- 10/27/2003 6:57 AM
Steve A. Peter:10/27/2003 11:41 AM