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Re: Brain fart [someone light a match!]

9/13/2003 1:28 AM
Steve A.
Re: Brain fart [someone light a match!]
One support person didn't even know what my card was I actually sent *them* a couple of GIF's I downloaded from their site in 1999 - I think I bought it in early 1999! To be fair I think the support people themselves genuinely did try to help and did the best they could do.  
    Yeah, I had printed out the sheets for the Sound Blaster cards I had around— they were better than the docs that came with the cards! You'd think that with such a helpful site like that they could keep it around somewhere... Heck, they could run it from a local computer inside the tech support department for when people do call in with older cards.  
    In the HVAC world, the manufacturers still in business try to keep complete archives of all the equipment they have sold; some of the older equipment is not on the CD-ROM's or mfg website so they might have to look it up on microfiche or in a printed manual.  
Steve Ahola