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previous: Steve A. Rob:    ... -- 9/10/2003 6:44 AM View Thread

Re: Brain fart [someone light a match!]

9/11/2003 2:34 AM
RobRe: Brain fart [someone light a match!]
> Audigy 2 Platinum kit was buggy as all hell  
It's "nice" to know I'm not the only one who has problems with this stuff.  
>I have to say that Creative's customer service used to be top notch: they had diagrams on their site  
Well sad to say I agree with that. One support person didn't even know what my card was I actually sent *them* a couple of GIF's I downloaded from their site in 1999 - I think I bought it in early 1999! To be fair I think the support people themselves genuinely did try to help and did the best they could do. Being in the development business I know for a fact these problems stem from poor management and poor record keeping - the support people are always at the end of the stick trying to put out the fires with water pistol.  
>P.S. One gripe I ran across on-line is that if you lose the install CD for your Audigy 2 card  
That type of thing really sucks.  

Steve A. Rob:9/13/2003 1:28 AM