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previous: Steve A. Newt:6/28/2003 9:20 AM View Thread

Re: Which sounds better- vinyl or CD?

6/28/2003 5:21 PM
bob pRe: Which sounds better- vinyl or CD?
"I have had trouble with certain CD's not wanting to play properly on certain CD players- for some reason it is usually CD's with more than 74 minutes on them and it is often the last song or two. But they usually play just fine on a different CD player. Speaking of which, is anybody else irked at the expected life of a CD player? I seem to wear them out after a year although the first one I got lasted 10 years before the loader motor stopped working."
I've got some CDs that just don't want to play in my CD player. Both the player and the CDs pre-date the era of the extended play CD.  
Back in the 80s I spent about $1000 on a Nakamichi back when CD players were new and dual converter players were expensive. Even with a decent player, I have a select few CDs that refuse to play on it...  
I had thought about taking the manufacturer up on their warranty for the CDs, but gave up on it when the CDs would play in other players. As a result, those CDs were just shelved and forgotten. Years have passed, and now CDs can be copied. Maybe I should just try copying them -- the copies may make the CDs playable.  
I also have a Denon DCD-1500 that's been in service for almost 20 years. My only gripe is that the loader motor on the door/platter is beginning to act anemic. I'd hate to have to throw away a CD player that I spent $600 on, just because a little motor gave up the ghost. Is it even possible to find replacments for these things?  
"Yeah, man... when you try to clean your stash in a jewel case all of the fine powder sticks to the damned plastic! "
Steve, I'd bet that you have a nice collection of double LP records! I've always thought that ELP's Brain Salad Surgery was the perfect cover for that kind of work!