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Re: Accordion amps

6/25/2003 10:57 PM
Re: Accordion amps
That does look cool, and a nice speaker too.  
Is that an auxilliary piece of metal shielding that did not come from the factory?  
The Titano had something like that.  
Apparently electric accordions at the time used an XLR cord with a pin for each channel and ground. The Titano has a slide switch that lets you select a 1/4inch stereo phone jack for guitars. There are also individual mono jacks for each channel.  
For the tremolo I would first measure the resistances and voltages to compare against what they are supposed to be, otherwise just for reference. If everything there seems normal then it might just be one cap. Also sometimes the trem components need to fully warm up (especially the Magnatone varistors) before it will function, or on my Multivox it still won't trem when you push the footswitch when the amp is quiet, it just needs a healthy taste of signal to get that slow oscillator going.  

Mark Lavelle [QUOTE]Is that an auxilliary piece ... -- 6/26/2003 4:29 PM