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from Monday's Funnies

6/12/2003 7:26 AM
Steve A.
from Monday's Funnies
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Steve Ahola  
P.S. That link may go dead when they move that comic to the archives on the grimmy site.  
    BTW I had to fire up Netscape 4.7 to be able to copy the link location for that. I also have to run NS if I want to view the source code for a webpage or view the information on the files making up the page. So why doesn't IE have those capabilities anymore (assuming that they did at one time)??? I think that Bill Gates is trying to favor the hosts of web sites over the interests of the visitors to the site. Why should the file date of a web page be such a big f*ckin' secret? I like to check the date just to see how long ago it had been updated. As for "viewing source" whenever I click on that option in IE I just get a blank page in Notepad. If other people can get that to work then maybe I have something set wrong under Options for IE...  
    Has anybody else noticed that for some HTML web pages you cannot select text and copy it to the clipboard? I think that it is some java code that pops up a message that the content is copyrighted (or whatever)... :( I think I first noticed that on a Japanese blues e-magazine site... only all of the articles were ripped off from other publications! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...  
    When I first logged on to the web I thought that it was really cool how you could view the source code for an HTML web page... you could look at the tricks they were using and possibly borrow a few of them for your own pages.

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