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Re: Alpha Sort SNAFU in MS Access

6/8/2003 9:02 PM
Re: Alpha Sort SNAFU in MS Access
I think its Windows.  
This might be the same thing I picked up with WinXP because of the way it sorts differently than W98SE.  
In (Windows) Explorer, make yourself a temporary working folder to experiment in, then in there create a series of new folders to be sorted. Try naming the different folders using the same names on your list that seem to be sorting illogically. The best way to see this is to make sure you select the View - Details option from the main menu, so the folders will be in columns in the right-hand window with the sort buttons at the tops of the columns.  
Then restart Windows Explorer and open your temporary working folder, click the sort button above the file name column labeled Name and it is supposed to sort your folders alphabetically, click again and it toggles to reverse alphabetically.  
Compare & contrast the different order that different Windows versions will sort the same list into :(  
What's alphabetical for one version is no longer true for a different version.  
Then maybe check to see if the Office97 routines follow the sorting convention of the Windows version they are installed on, or maybe the one they are opened on, or if a network who knows, etc. Or maybe the Office suite has its own period-specific alphabetical rules that over-ride the Windows version in use, well maybe sometimes under certain conditions, etc.  
Anyway maybe we are not supposed to hold our OS up to as high a standard as when it was DOS-based, reduced expectations seems to be the proscribed method of handling this type of thing.  
Even though DOS-based sorting was established for a long time, it probably wasn't any good to begin with or it would still be with us ;)  
For those applications or users where this amounts to a lot more headache & confusion than say a Y2K problem, I guess its still not that big a deal, it only affects those who got started sorting important files using now-obsolete operating systems, mainly those who were counting on Windows to be able to continue supporting the PC platform. What were we thinking?