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Re: Great guitar into a shitty amp = SHIT.

6/6/2003 11:25 PM
Ross M.
Re: Great guitar into a shitty amp = SHIT.
Wanna hear a good guitar through a shitty amp sound good? Go to and listen to my buddies' song "Killer Smile." He played a Samson hollowbody through an 80's SS combo 1x12" Kustom amp. The tone isn't my favorite, but it definately has tubish quality to it somehow.  
I think sometimes the good guitar/bad amp and good amp/bad guitar combos can turn out mediocre or really bad by random chance, just depending on how bad the bad part is.  
On cheap teles - I was astounded when I played a $600 American Tele and it sounded almost exactly the same as a Squire tele for $180. I almost bought it on the spot. They do have an awesome growl to them, I'd never played one before, I'm sad to say.