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Re: About "foreign" workers

5/28/2003 4:50 PM
Dr KrumpetRe: About "foreign" workers
Mark, you said:  
"I think we're slowly making an anti-globalization person out of you, if you weren't one already!"  
I'm not against global commerce and trade, so I don't see globalization itself being an evil thing.  
What I see as evil is a trend toward putting the rights of individual citizens below the priorities set by world agendas being administered by the ruling political elite. Workers are treated as another commodity these days. There is no respect for the sovereignty of borders. Humans are treated like cattle. When the grazing fields in the US look like they are greener, send in cattle from the third world and let them feast on the lush green grass as well. And if the existing cattle complain, don't worry about it. In the end all cattle are sent to the slaughterhouse and it's only the ruling elite and their rich friends who matter.  
Never forget that GW senior was the man who coined the term 'New World Order.' Bush Junior seems to be a New World Order type as well. Witness as evidence the invasion of Iraq on the pretense that WMD's would be found. And what happened? No WMD's found. But that's OK because the New World Order's Elite made a decision to eliminate the government of Iraq and that decision was irrevocable. It really had little to do with WMD's after all.  
How does this tie into labor policy? Very simply really. Both situations operate using hidden agendas. All the talk of labor shortages in the US is nonesense that cannot currently be substantiated given the current economic downturn. But of course none of that matters. The power Elite want to crush American System persons even further to ensure a cheap source of IT labor for many years to come. Undoubtedly the onslaught of H1B visa workers will continue. The world administrators are very good at getting their way.