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Re: Dynacord HiFi King

1/30/2003 4:39 PM
Albert Kreuzer
Re: Dynacord HiFi King
Hi blum,  
cool amp!  
Dynacord schematics are rare on the web. I recently scored an old Eminent from the same era. Same logo, same magic eye tube - yours must also be from 1964-65. I drew the schematic and put it on my website with some pictures:  
I bet the schematics are very similar, maybe you can work your way from this one.  
This amp is definitely NOT a guitar amp - but it's very cool for bass, almost like an old Ampeg.  
Can't help you with the price, I was lucky with mine, got it for 50 Euro (wouldn't sell it for 500 now that it's restored)