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Dynacord HiFi King

1/29/2003 11:08 PM
Dynacord HiFi King
Hi. I'm desperately looking for schematic or any data for Dynacord HiFi King amp .  
Here it is:  
It's early 60's four mixed inputs all tube amp with mic/guitar/accordion(?) switch on each input. It sounds rather crappy with guitar (with 2x12 cabinet) so I'd like to rebuild it. There is only one low impedance speaker output (2ohms - strange,isn't it ?) but I hope the output transformer has got other unused pins on the secondary winding. Or maybe leave it as it is and sell it? I have no idea how much is it worth now. Any help will be very appreciated.  

Albert Kreuzer Hi blum,cool amp!Dynaco... -- 1/30/2003 4:39 PM