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previous: PeterF Mackie board pots...snap!, crackle!, pop! -- 1/26/2003 1:17 AM View Thread

Cleaning that pot..

1/26/2003 1:29 PM
Jakob ErlandCleaning that pot..
Well, if I was you, I would'nt worry about possible problems with contact cleaner, as the pots and switches are really damaged already.  
Select the worst channel, do the treatment, and see what happens. If it turns out bad, you'll only have to change components in one channel.  
The pot and switch noise dosen't come from nicotine - unless there's a hell of a lot of it - but from DC decoupling electrolytics gradually deteoriating over time, and leaking DC. So if you just clean, noises will start appearing again sooner or later.  
The best thing to do would be to change all the electrolytic capacitors in the board. If you get some reasonable good quality ones, the sound may even improve considerably...  
BTW: I have NEVER myself seen a pot (other than Conductive plastic faders) that was damaged by contact cleaner. (I use "Kontakt 60" and "Kontakt 600" from the company "Kontact Chemie") I've heard the story, but never managed to verify it.  
Best regards,  
Jakob E.

Ajay Hi Jakob...You said:- The p... -- 1/26/2003 2:27 PM