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Heath-Zenith bench supply schematic?

1/8/2003 6:52 AM
Mark Lavelle
Heath-Zenith bench supply schematic?
Anybody have a schematic and/or manual for a Heath-Zenith SP-2717A power supply (6VAC@4A or 12VAC@2A; 0-400VDC@100mA [125mA peak]; 0-150VDC@1mA)? I picked one up off eBay, and it seems to work just fine, but I'd love to be in a position to maintain it properly.  
It's got two fat-bulb 6L6GCs and a 6BH6 (the marking on the board says 6AU6, though), but I've got no idea why! OK, I'm kidding (a bit ;)) - the rectification is clearly SS, so the grids of the 6L6s must be the controls for the HVs coming off their plates, but that's about as far as I get...

Tim HI Mark...I have a heath SP-4 which... -- 1/8/2003 10:04 PM