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previous: Steve A. Luigo:6/21/2003 1:38 PM View Thread

Re: planet waves locking keys

6/23/2003 9:00 AM
Re: planet waves locking keys
Thanks for your ideas,guys!  
Steve,i'll try your suggestion,but can't return the keys,they were a gift and i think they've been out of warranty for a little while now.  
They do keep busting at the tuner,but what puzzles me is that they worked right at a friend's guitar,and both he and i do a lot of luthier work,so we kind of knew how to put the keys in and then take them out of the first guitar they where in. But in the second guitar they just don't work right!!!

RaFaeL it supose that cut the string while... -- 6/24/2003 2:42 AM