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Hagstrom III Wiring

5/16/2003 5:39 PM
Hagstrom III Wiring
I'm fixing a Hagstrom III for a friend and have come up stumped as to why it's intermittant at best. This is the 3 p/u model with a number of switches to select on/off, p/u selection, high cut and ???  
At some point someone else has been inside. The 250k pot I replaced was a Radio Shack model and some of the switches have been replaced. Not ever seeing a stock one I have no idea what else has been done.  
I haven't been able to locate a schematic or descritpion of the wiring scheme. Does anyone have it or a link to said scheme?

earl Look here...someone on the board ha... -- 5/16/2003 5:56 PM