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Re: Yep...they're fakes made by Bill's old partner

4/11/2003 11:17 PM
David WarrenRe: Yep...they're fakes made by Bill's old partner
Sorry for not responding timely to previous posts. I've not visited this board for awhile.  
The Carvin TBH-60 is not a "vintage" type of pickup tonally. To me a vintage pickup, like a Duncan SSL-1, for example (I have some of these and like them alot in another guitar), does not have a prominent midrange, but more bass and a boosted treble range. But most of the body woods that are used for Strat type bodies - alder or ash, for example - have an acoustically prominent midrange which balances out the tone. That's the way my ears hear it, anyway. The Carvin is more full-range, and has an even response. The treble range is a bit depressed compared to a vintage pickup. So, it does not have that glassy sparkle (hope you can upderstand these highly "technical" terms) of a vintage pickup. The Carvin - to my ears - is full-range and very punchy. It does a convincing "quack" in a Strat, but not like a Duncan or Fralin, or similar. I did not buy these to have vintage tone. I wanted something else, and that's what I got. I'm very pleased. Just remember that this is a very sensitive pickup (some would say "hot"), so don't get them too close to the strings unless you want a muddy tone. Since they are height and angle sensitive, work with them and dial in your ideal tonal response. Another piece of advice. Use these with a Schaller Megaswitch, or use another switch - push/pull or otherwise - so you can select the neck and bridge pickups together for a great quasi-Tele tone. YMMV.