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Re: Fishman Power Bridge for Tele?

4/11/2003 2:27 PM
Anthony Noel
Re: Fishman Power Bridge for Tele?
I've got a buddy that just took delivery of a new Tom Anderson "Hollow Drop Top T" last week and he had the Fishman bridge installed on it. And woah, it really does sound pretty darned nice. He uses the Power Blender pedal with it. As he did not go with the onboard preamp.  
Installation should not be too bad. I think you've got to make a small route right under the saddle location to allow room for the wires coming off the bridge and enlarge the bridge grounding hole. Seems like Guys have been simply drilling a new pot hole in between the existing holes in the cover plate for the blend knob. I doubt you'd be able to fit an onboard preamp without routing a spot for it under the Pickguard or in the rear.

Chris B Hmmm...,I'm not too sure I ... -- 4/11/2003 3:37 PM