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Re: fender quad reverb

11/21/2003 11:20 PM
Re: fender quad reverb
chris, i would love to do that, it doesnt really get warm and fuzzy till it gets up around 5 or 6..and yes it does have a push pull master volume as well as volumes for each channel doesnt really seem to have any issues at this time, it does hum a bit but i think thats more a product of my crappy ungrounded 1950s electrical system in the planning a dedicated grounded circuit to the music room far as speakers can i put 4 new low wattage replacement jensens in there? its got 2 oxfords but they are kinda beat...can i run like 4 35 to 50 watt speakers? or should i run some like 80 watt speakers?i dont really understand how the ohm thing works all i know is i got 4 ohm mono output.......anyway thanks and ill see what i can dig up probly gonna tear it apart in a few weeks for recovering and a basic overhaul....just getting a cabinet together right now to run with a crate tube head i got(stealth 50) so im not stuck with a practice amp while my fenders apart. Anyway thanks for your comments

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