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Re: fender quad reverb

11/21/2003 1:42 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )
Re: fender quad reverb
Hi Skywriter ,  
The fender Quad is like a sf Twinreverb with 4 speakers , there are some sf Twinreverb/DualShowmanReverb [ = Twinreverb as piggyback ] schematics in books and on the net . If you can't find one email me and I'll try to help you .  
You probably have to spend some bucks on tubes , caps and speakers to make the amp working fine again . Maybe it's a good idea to find a tech-buddy in your neighbourhood to help and teach you .  
More advanced : try blackfacing it after fixing and convert the MasterVolume ( if you do have such amp ) to a so called post PI mv ; it's a cool and pretty cheap way to lower the volume without loosing the original sound when dimed .  
Hope this does help a little ,  

skywriter4973158 chris, i would love to do that, it ... -- 11/21/2003 11:20 PM