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Ampeg reverberocket info needed

9/10/2003 1:25 AM
Ampeg reverberocket info needed
Howdy, The trem in my ampeg reverberocket is not working. What might be the causes of this? I belive the amp is a 1965 (based on the cosmetics) The footswitch seems to be functioning....and all the tubes seem working too (all have a normal looking glow). I checked around the amp and couldnt see any components that looked fried. I read about something called a Trem Module but I dont know what one looks like. Any ideas? Also what tube controlls the trem? the 6u10 or the 6c10? or is it one of the 12x7's in the amp? Thanks again for any help.

Marc Jmarc:Most of the time it's a b... -- 9/10/2003 10:49 PM