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Re: BF Princeton Reverb. Add 100 Ohm Heater/Lamp Resistors?

8/30/2003 3:58 PM
Mark Lavelle
Re: BF Princeton Reverb. Add 100 Ohm Heater/Lamp Resistors?
"Is the additional heat anything to be concerned about? What are the consequences, if any, of adding 100 Ohm resistors if the amp already has a center tap?"
I'm not qualified to say what the consequences are, but everything I've read says you should never have both a center tap and a pair of 100-ohm resistors.  
If the amp is noticeably running hotter, that's a strong indication that you're drawing a lot more current somewhere, and it seems obvious that this change would be the cause. Since Leo wasn't exactly known for over-spec'ing parts I'd worry that you're going to fry your 6.3VAC secondary if you don't disconnect and tape off that center tap...

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