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Re: '68 Showman - Not enough current...

11/17/2003 4:45 AM
Wild Bill
Re: '68 Showman - Not enough current...
Aaron, you needed such a low scaling resistor because you must have higher initial bias voltage to start with and/or your tubes needed a different bias voltage than Mr. Fender expected with those tubes in the good old days.  
Higher line voltages could make the voltage on the bias tap a little high. Your adjustable bias circuit obviously now has a range more suitable to the tubes your using. You mentioned a 70 volt upper limit when you started your posts. That's way too high to be useful - the tubes would likely be completely cut off long before that.  
It works! Be Happy! :)  
---Wild Bill

Aaron Flynt Thank you! I am happy. I think that... -- 11/17/2003 5:09 AM